Carved by the untamed Yellowstone River, the sandstone rimrock on either side of the metro Billings area frame the town and community. The rugged terrain adds to the mystic of the Magic City. Fertile land surrounds Billings and the culture of agriculture permeates commerce and lifestyle.

Dozens of outdoor activities and business opportunities are based out of the Billings trading area. Seven mountain ranges can be viewed from the Billings heights which provides easy access for those who love the outdoors. The variety includes, fantastic fishing, world renowned hunting, camping, golf, skiing, snow machine excursions, biking, motorcycle touring with thousands of miles of highways under the Big Sky. The western lifestyle expounds with rodeo, team roping, barrel racing jackpots, cutting, and youth gymkhanas. A central location brings competitors from several surrounding states and Canada for events.

Billings offers a vast number of sophisticated hotels and convention centers in which to hold events of all kinds. The Shopping in Billings offers hundreds of retail outlets, large and small, as well as opportunities to become a retail entrepreneur. The music scene is vibrant and diverse with excellent venues, ranging from the Metra to homespun entertainment. Great eateries boasting creative cuisine are an easy drive from any of the town’s many unique neighborhoods.

The weather and climate is semi-arid with warm summers and cold dry winters. The average of fifty-five inches of snow per winter is buffered by the warm chinook winds which keep the area open of excessive snow accumulations.

With diverse business opportunities in the region, Billings hasn’t had an economic down turn as so many other metropolitan areas have experienced in the last two decades. This stability attracts more business to the locale.

From the schools, shopping, restaurants, leisure activities, business prospects, and the unique surrounding geology, Billings rocks.